Crescent Moon Pottery is on the road this summer to exhibit at two festivals in Colorado!  The first festival is the Foothills Fine Arts Festival in Golden, Colorado on July 13th and 14th.  The second is the Center for the Arts – Summerfest 2019 in Evergreen, Colorado.  I am certainly looking forward to sharing my work outside of my traditional sales area.

Crescent Moon Pottery is proud to announce that we have become the newest stop on the Omaha North Hills Pottery Tour!  This tour will be held on Saturday, October 5 (10-7) and October 6 (10-5).  Our studio at 11220 North 78th Street will be one of 5 stops (Florence Mill, Dennison Pottery, Too Far North Wines and Wine Tasting and Big Table Studios).

26 Inch Platter

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