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6 Inch Serving Plates


Each dinner plate serving platter is approximately 14″ in diameter.   Serve your family and friends on highly decorative platters that add conversation to  your meals.  Large enough for a sliced turkey, ham or roast.  This stoneware pottery is food safe, oven/microwave safe and can be placed into the dishwasher.  A dinner plate serving platter would be a great addition to a food service.  The lip on the plate keeps food juices and drippings from getting on your table, but makes the platter easy to be cleaned.  The serving platters are easy to be passed at the dinner table, and handles may be added to your special ordered piece for a nominal amount.  Crescent Moon Pottery is happy to accept your special orders so that the serving platter you place on your table is one specially crafted for you.



6 Inch Serving Plates–  These plates are designed for serving individual items such as muffins, desserts, or appetizers and each is unique in its’ decoration.  Matching sets can be special ordered by request.  Each of the plates is food safe and may be used in the microwave and easily placed into the dishwasher.  Delight your guests and/or customers with handmade stoneware dishes.  They are conversation starters and everyone who uses them will have a preference and will return over and over again to use “their” plate.  This affords you the opportunity to please the user with an experience not found with eating off of mass created machine ware with no individuality.  Treat everyone to the culinary excellence of a unique dining experience.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x .5 in
Oven/Microwave Saf

These plates can be placed into the microwave with product (e.g .muffin) to warm. The microwave will not affect the ware. You may also place the ware into an oven to keep the food on the plate warm although the plate should be warmed with the oven unless the oven is less than 200 degrees.

Dishwasher Safe

All ceramic ware made at Crescent Moon Pottery is top or bottom rack safe in the dishwasher. Hot water, high scrub and heated drying do not affect the ware.

Food Safe

As with all ware made at Crescent Moon Pottery, the glaze contains no lead.


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